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Integrated Impact Consultants

Integrated Impact Consultants is a private limited company registered with Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) under section 16 of the Companies Act, 2017 having its Corporate Universal Identification No. 0148762. The company aims at introducing innovative and integrated approaches in social development through research based actions. The company envisioned to imprint integrated impact by adopting feasible innovations from global perspective of development practices and contextualizing them as per local needs. In general, development as a whole is the result of social, political and economic activities; all of such activities are interlinked with one another in one way orthe other. The integration of efforts is imperative for delivering sustainable solutions and long term impact. Integrated Impact Consultants has been established to fill up this gap in the development sector and it has already started workingin province of Balochistan undera USAID funded project. Integrated Impact Consultants’ geographic outreach is in throughout Balochistan. Currently, it has its team available in all 33 districts of Balochistan that are on-board on a health sector project. The firm is in process of partnership with other stakeholdersin the province to expand its services in other perspective development sectors.

Our Vision

An inclusiveand prosperous society through social cohesion and development.

Our Mission

Impact delivery though innovative actions and integrated approaches.

Internal Controls

Integrated Impact Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd maintains fair & transparent financial system and believes in conducting periodical and project based audit through internal and external well reputed firms. It has established financial and administrative policies with strong internal controls and checks. It maintains its asset and inventory though record registers and an online management system which is under development at this stage.

IIC’s fiscal year begins from July-June each year and conducts compliance review after every three months to further improve and strengthen its operational practices and policies. IIC establishes audit reports and maintains its complete record.

IIC complies with the country’s laws and is duly registered with FBR for income tax and BRA for GST/STRN its details are mentionedin general information section.

Core Values