Professional Work Experiences

Integrated Impact Consultants has completed/is working on following assignments;

Strengthening of DSRUs through provision of Equipment in Balochistan

In continuation of the previous workat DSRUs, Integrated Impact Consultants was awarded with another purchase order by JSI Research and Training Institute under its USAID funded IHSS-SD Activity. This assignment includes the strengthening of all 34 DSRUsin districtsand provincial setup by providing the following equipment:

This assignment is in progress currently and will be completed within the set deadline by donor – end of September 2020.

Establishment of Disease Surveillance & Response Units in Balochistan

Integrated Impact Consultants comes with an agreement with JSI Research and Training Institute Inc. under its USAID funded IHSS-SD Activity to facilitate establishment of Disease Surveillance and Response Units(DSRUs) both at district and provincial level throughout Balochistan (33 district units and one provincial unit) through refurbishment of already identifiedsites/rooms.This assignment was started in the second week of June and currently in progress.

IIC’s team adopted innovative and participatoryapproaches to carry out this assignment in an efficient and effectivemanner. It was initiated by the need assessment of required supplies and services through trained potential team members at all sites/districts simultaneously. A market survey in each districts was conducted for availability of quality products locally, this guided the team regarding the timeliness of the assignment and quality of supplies and services. District Health Officers and JSI’s designated consultants were informed in each step of the assignment at field which helped review the progress as well as maintain quality.

District based DSRUs’refurbishment has been completed while the Provincial DSRU is in progress which will be completed by mid-September 2020 as per agreed timeline with the donor.

Android-Mobile phone based tool for COVID-19 Assessment

Integrated Impact Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd. had its inception early this year and at once started workingwith the Operations Cell of COVID-19 at DG Health Services Balochistan. IIC’s team volunteered their services for facilitatingOperation Cell ofCOVID-19 in developingandroid-mobile phone basedonline data collection tool.

It was the very initial stage of COVID-19 in Pakistan, but as Balochistan was prone to the spread of disease much more than other provinces due to travellers from already affected countries. Therefore the administration and line department stakeholders were working hard within their resources to respond on the pandemic atearly stages. Initially, they requiredhighly accurate and reliable data available on real-time for informed decision making. IIC’s management contacted COVID-19’s Operation Cell management and offered its services in development of an android-mobile phone based data collection tool to cater their data collection needs that could be highly efficient in terms of quality and timeliness.

The data collection tool was finalized in consultation with the team members of Operations Cell of COVID-19 at DG Health Services Balochistan, and the online tool was developed using Open-Data-Kit ODK sourceson the platform and the tool was programmed on XLS forms. The tool included following features:

Integrated Impact Consultants team handed over the tool to Operation Cell for further data collection useat district level.